We’re defined by people,not buildings

Our team is what makes IE truly special.

These last few years have really tested what it means to be a team whilst working remotely, but we adapted and evolved. 


So whilst we do love all being in the office, we offer the flexibility and tools to enable and empower you to work from home.  

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Sales & Customer Success Manager

As a Sales & CSM, you are responsible for driving our commercial business through new and existing sales channels. You will oversee the complete Sales process from lead generation through to contract negotiations, as well as work with our Marketing Manager on strategic marketing campaigns. We also ask that you give feedback and input towards the ongoing development of our sales processes and sales materials to ensure that we always maintain the competitive edge.


Email: info@intelligentemployment for more information.


As Headhunter, you will be responsible for managing our client’s recruitment needs throughout their recruitment process as well be a brand ambassador for IE. Utilising innovative tech to support and streamline the hiring process, such as CRM management, video recruitment software and assessment tools such as psychometric assessments.


Email: info@intelligentemployment for more information.

Your Onboarding Process

Your IE Pack

Here at IE we really value the onboarding process and want you feel like part of the team from day 1. The IE Onboarding pack will help navigate your way into becoming a Sales/Headhuting guru!

Meeting the team

Whilst we may have 3 offices across Europe, we believe that we are stronger together than apart. So expect collaboration and communication regularly, even office exchanges.

One to One

Learn and train alongside IE’s finest, get to know how we work, how you can be successful, but more importantly how you can contribute to a more sustainable planet working alongside the forward-thinking, innovative companies,

Your Office Toolkit

Whilst any experience with any of this software is a plus, it’s definitely not a deal-breaker.  If you have experience with any of these fantastic, if not then we will get you the training you need. 

There are multiple reasons why I want to work at IE but some of the best ones are definitely the colleagues, atmosphere and the field we work in. We have a great bunch of people in three countries and we collaborate a lot. Here you get to gain experience recruiting all over Europe and learn about the amazing companies and people who truly change the world!
Katri Rinta-Harri
Senior Headhunter